23 Must Have Accessories For Your Hot Tub

We all love accessories, especially when they make our stuff cooler than anybody else’s.

And it’s no different with your hot tub

Picture it...

Your friends come over for a drink and a soak in the tub after dinner, and bam...

You turn on the tunes with your floating bluetooth system and flip on the underwater disco lights.  

But even if you don’t care about impressing your friends, it’s still pretty cool to pimp out your hot tub with all the latest and coolest gadgets.

Nothing better than pampering yourself in your own backyard!

So, what are these gadgets I speak of? Well, let’s find some.

Best Hot Tub Accessories

How cool are these? And they're the perfect size for drink glasses and cans. 

They’ll allow you to set your drinks right on the water without worrying about them tipping over into the tub.

Who wants to get out of the hot tub and trek inside for more drinks and snacks?

With the Perfect Pools bar tray, nobody has to.

You just blow it up and attach it to the side of the tub or let it float in the water.

It's sectioned perfectly to hold snacks and drinks, and even has a center ice bucket-type opening to keep things cool.

Who says you can’t play Texas Hold ‘Em in the hot tub? Not Hoyle!

They made a deck of waterproof cards just perfect for all your hot tub parties.

These awesome underwater lights are battery-operated, remote-controlled and just plain awesome.

You can choose the color to set your own mood, or you can set them to shift on their own to run through them all.

It’s also practical lighting so that you can find your drinks in the dark.

Eucalyptus and mint are great for aromatherapy and will make your hot tub smell fantastic.

And this brand of crystals is hot tub safe and oil free so you don’t need to worry about it mucking up your water.

This speaker will connect to any bluetooth device to play your music right there in the water.

It's rechargeable so you just plug it back in when you’re done, and it has a cool light-up effect that adds a little ambience to the hot tub.

If the floating crabs didn’t catch your fancy, maybe these cool pink flamingos are a little more your style.

They'll keep your drinks handy and upright while you deal out the next hand with your waterproof cards.

When you have a few people in your hot tub, stuff like makeup, lotions and oil are bound to build up and start floating around in the water.

These little sponges are a big help in keeping that under control and keeping you from having to drain your hot tub more often than you should.

If your kids hang out in the hot tub once in a while, or if you just have some short friends, they might really like this comfy booster seat to give them equal height.

It’s also good just for comfort if you have harder seats like in wooden hot tubs. The cover is removable and machine washable. 

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the coolest accessory you can have, but it’s certainly nice to be cautious and to have a posted set of rules so you don’t have to go over them with every guest.

Hey, and maybe some of these rules are new to you. It doesn’t hurt to be safe.

Who doesn’t like UNO? And now you can like it in the water!

This waterproof set of UNO cards is sure to be a hit with soakers of every age.

These mold-free, mildew-free pillows are soft, supportive and comfy.

They support your neck and head while you lounge in your hot tub and they attach with suction cups to stay put.

These cool LED light strips come in several colors and can be trimmed to fit anywhere you want to place them.

They're also dimmable for creating the perfect ambience, and are self-adhesive to attach them anywhere. 

Hot tub covers can be a little cumbersome, but this hydraulic lift makes it easier. (Read: how to choose the best hot tub covers).

You'll feel like you are raising the lid off a tupperware bowl instead of a large tub since the lift gives you some assistance.

It also makes it easier to put back on and close, adding just a little resistance to keep it sealed when not in use.

If you’re having a tough time deciding between drink floats, why not get a pack that has a little bit of everything: a flamingo, a swan, a duck, a watermelon, a tree, and a few more.

This way everyone in your hot tub can have their own so your drinks don’t get mixed up.

This floating disco light will be the life of the party.

It emits disco-like colored lights in all directions and puts on a pretty big show for such a small light.

This thermometer provides a way for you to monitor your hot tub temperatures from both indoors and in the tub.

This way, you can keep loved ones safe, even if you are inside while they are enjoying the water.

I love floating water games, and this one might be the coolest because it is several games in one: checkers, chess and backgammon.

And the pieces are magnetic so you don’t have to worry about them sliding around on their own.

This step was made just for hot tubs out of durable plastic and easy snap-together construction.

And the great thing about it is that it is perfect for round or straight-sided spas, making it a no-brainer choice for spa steps.

The Aqua Broom offers a more intense particulate cleaning of Sand & Silt than most vacuums for the Hot Tubs.

Ithe traps dirt better than other vacuums. The patented Retention Valve design stops the return of debris into the spa. 

Keeps beverages and snacks close by while you relax.

I like the idea of having an assortment of aromas so that you never get tired of one. This one comes in scents like Rain, Green Tea and Pomegranate.

They're safe for hot tubs and help disguise some of that chemical smell that chlorine can put off, and they also leave your skin feeling great without leaving an oily residue.

This wine glass holder comes with a couple of mounting options.

You can attach it to a chair, a lawn stake or the side of your hot tub. Of course, the latter is why it’s listed here. 

Bottom Line

Whether you want to be the cool kid on the block or just make your hot tubbing experience a little more fun, we’ve got a gadget listed here you are sure to like.

But, we would really like to know of any accessories you’ve tried and liked, even if they aren’t listed here.

Keep us posted!

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