How Long Does It Take Aeration to Raise pH?

Looking to raise the pH in your pool fast, but not sure what to use to raise the pH in your pool? Aeration may be the chemical-free solution you have been looking for.

Owning a pool isn’t just fun in the sun 24/7, although we all wish it was. In order for your pool to be safe, clean, and ready to use year-round, it requires proper care and maintenance. 

Pool Care Guy gets that–we know how stressful it can be to own a pool, especially when things go wrong. From endless resources, product recommendations, troubleshooting tips, and years of experience, we have your back. With us by your side, owning a pool will be fun because we know what it takes to give your pool the TLC it deserves. 

One of the elements a pool owner should be familiar with is pH and how to increase levels using aeration. 

Why Is pH Important?

The importance of balanced pH levels in pools is sometimes overlooked, but crucial to maintaining a healthy swimming environment for your family and guests. A balanced pool will have a score anywhere between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale. Anything lower is too acidic and anything over is too alkaline. 

While it might be easy to turn a blind eye and ignore unbalanced pH levels, we strongly advise against doing that. A swimming pool that is unbalanced has the potential for adverse effects on swimmers’ health and safety. Did you know that swimming in a pool that is either too acidic or too alkaline can lead to skin and eye irritation? Now, who wants that? Luckily, aeration is a great method for increasing pH. 

What is Aeration? 

Aeration is a natural method used to increase pH levels. Adding air to your pool’s water increases the rate of carbon dioxide outgassing, which increases pH levels without the use of any chemicals. 

How Does Aeration Work?

If you decide that the natural process of aeration is the best method for you and your pool, there are several ways to go about doing it. 

Some pool owners opt for fountains or waterfalls, while others rely on the use of air blowers. Others simply use their pool pump to push air throughout the water. Of course, the amount of air that you should add to your pool depends on the size of your pool and its current pH levels. 

How Long Does It Take Aeration to Raise pH?

There are several factors that can influence the amount of time it takes for aeration to raise your pool’s pH levels. For starters, the size of the pool and how much the pH levels need to be adjusted will impact the time it takes to rebalance your pool. Unlike chemical solutions that can increase pH levels over the course of a few hours, aeration often can take up to several days before a noticeable change is made. 

When using aeration as a way to increase your pH, it is important to regularly measure your water’s pH levels. Doing so will help you know where you are in the process and if you need to increase the amount of aeration. This is a vital step because too much aeration can quickly raise your pH level too much—a problem that requires a whole new set of troubleshooting steps.

In a Nutshell

Pools require attention. When you know how to aerate your pool to keep pH levels in check, this task will quickly become part of your pool maintenance routine. If you’re interested in other possible options and want to know how much soda ash to add to raise the pH in your pool, check out your latest post!

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