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Hi guys! My name is Mike, aka Pool Care Guy. I'm here to help you make sure your pool is clean, healthy, and pristine. Most of all, I'm here to guide you along so you spend more time swimming in your pool than you do cleaning it!

A Smart Guide To Maintaining Your Salt Water Pool

In this guide you’re going to learn everything you wanted to know about maintaining your salt water pool. Here are some of the things we’re going to cover:Benefits of having a salt water poolDaily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasksHow to test your salt waterHow to winterize your salt chlorinatorAnd answers to some commonly asked salt pool […]

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How To Lower The Alkalinity In Your Pool

In this guide you’re going to learn how to lower the alkalinity in your pool (FAST). If your pool water is a little murky or your pool filters seem to be plugged with calcium deposits, then your pool may be suffering from high alkalinity levels. In today’s post, you’re going to learn all about water alkalinity, what […]

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What’s The Best Pool Thermometer (2019 Guide)

In today’s post you’re going to learn all about why you NEED a pool thermometer …  And how choosing the right one can help regulate the quality of your pool water.You’ll also learn some important things to look for when shopping, and my recommendations for the best pool thermometers out there today. Let’s dive in, shall we? […]

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How To Open An Inground Pool (In 14 Easy Steps)

Pool season is here, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to open up your pool for the summer! In this detailed, step-by-step guide, you’ll learn exactly HOW to open an inground pool … In 14 steps. You could hire someone to do it for you, but why waste the money when you can do your pool opening […]

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