The 10 Best Kiddie Pools

best kiddie pool

Kiddie pools are an important rite of passage for your little ones. And fortunately, we’re no longer limited to the little blue flimsy pools we had when we were kids. 

You can now buy pools with slides, sprayers, games, waterfalls, and other activities for hours of entertainment. Plus there are lots of benefits of owning one you’ve probably never thought of.

For one thing, in these uncertain times we’re in, finding ways to play at home is especially important. But also, outdoor activities will motivate the little ones to get out in the sun and get some exercise.

Read on for our top picks.

The 10 Best Kiddie Pools

#1. Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Pool

Intex Inflatable Kids Dinosaur Play Center Outdoor Playhouse Inflatable Pool Water Park with Slide, Water Sprayer, Waterfall, and 6 Balls, Multicolor
  • Inflatable dinosaur play center will have kids playing and splashing in the swimming pool or sliding down the volcano water slide, offering hours of entertainment and enjoyment

Made for kids over 2, this could be the best kiddie pool we’ve seen. In fact, it’s not just a pool, but a super fun dinosaur play center that will keep them entertained for hours. 

Not only can they splash around in water shallow enough to be safe; they can also play tons of games and have thrilling adventures.

Designed to feel like a little island, your kids will jump through a waterfall, slide down a “hot” volcano, and feed a hungry dinosaur with Fun Ballz included in the package. 

The pool is inflatable so it’s easy to assemble and unassemble for storage. It’s made with a soft mat on the bottom for safe landing from the slide. And the water flow is adjustable so you can control the waterfall intensity.

#2. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Pool

This little pool is actually a play center, complete with games, a slide, a water sprayer, and a wading area.

The games include ball rolling down the sides, ring toss, and ball toss. And it comes complete with everything you need — 6 balls and 4 rings.

The pool also comes with a soft landing mat for extra padding. It measures 117” x 78” x 53” and attaches to a garden hose for its water spray feature.

#3. Step2 Play & Shade Pool

Step2 Play & Shade Pool for Kids, Outdoor Summer Pool with Umbrella, Easy to Assemble, 7 Piece Accessory Kit, Toddlers 2+ Years Old, Multicolor
  • OUTDOOR FUN: Kids water play, two molded-in seats in the shade, textured sea creature bottom to prevent slipping, max weight per seat 50lbs

Your kids will feel like they’re in their own little spa with this Play and Shade pool. It’s designed with 2 molded side seats and a sweet little umbrella that provides plenty of shade and style.

On the umbrella stand, they’ll find funnel cups and a spinning water wheel for added games and play. It’s a great integration of sensory learning and motor skills into their everyday play.

This pool requires minimal assembly and is intended for children 2-6 years old.

#4. Intex Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool

Intex 8.5ft x 5.25ft x 18in Swim Center Paradise Seaside Inflatable Kiddie Pool with Drain Plug for Quick and Easy Clean Up
  • Bring all the fun of the swimming pool to your backyard with the Intex Swim Center Paradise Seaside Pool

This is a simple inflatable pool that’s just a tad deeper for ages 3 and up. The dimensions are 103” x 63” x 18” which allows for about 12 inches of water depth.

It’s constructed with 2 air chambers, a free-flow exhaust valve, and a double valve intake for easy inflation. And it comes with a repair patch and its own shelf box for safe storage.

This pool is oblong and big enough for 2 to 3 kids so they can enjoy splashing around with their friends or siblings on hot days.

#5. Intex Swim Center 90×90 Inflatable Pool

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, 90" X 90" X 22", for Ages 6+, Color may vary
  • Comes with a valve is fitted at the bottom of the pool so that it can be emptied easily

The bigger kids, ages 6 and older, will enjoy this 90” x 90” x 22” splashing pool. It’s designed with inflatable 3-ring construction and allows for water about 15.5” deep.

The kit includes a drain plug and repair patch. It’s made of 14 gauge vinyl for durability and features a see-through plastic window on each wall.

Use this pool on level ground and fill with about 320 gallons of water.

#6. Homech Family 120×72 Pool

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This pool is spacious enough for the whole family. It can hold up to 2 adults and 3-5 kiddos comfortably. 

What we like about this pool is that it’s 50% thicker than most, making it last a lot longer. But the walls are soft and safe and even includes an inflatable floor for extra cushion.

You can inflate this pool’s three chambers in just a few minutes if you have an electric pump. And you can quickly take it down for storage at the end of the season.

#7. Intex Crystal Blue 45×10 Pool

Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool, 45 x 10
  • Escape the summer heat with the Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool, Includes Repair Patch

The Intex Crystal Blue pool is simple but it serves its purpose well. It’s 45” x 10” with 3 inflatable rings.

The water depth is only 6.5 inches so it’s safe for small toddlers aged 2 and up with adult supervision. It doesn’t take long to inflate but for a little extra, you can purchase it with a pump to make assembly even faster.

This is the perfect little starter pool for introducing toddlers to the water safely.

#8. ZOTOP Flamingo Inflatable Pool

FUNFEED Inflatable Kiddie Pool, 63" X 47" X 35" Flamingo Swimming Pool for Baby, Kiddie, Kids, Infant, Toddler, for Ages 3+, Outdoor, Indoor, Backyard, Summer Water Party (Flamingo Kiddie Pool)
  • {FUN DESIGN & ENOUGH ROOMS} This Flamingo kiddie pool is perfect for kids have fun in summer to against the heat and stay away from outside bacteria. Can be used both indoor & outdoor. You can take it at home or on a trip. The pool size is (63" X 47" X 35").There is enough room for two or three kids to have fun and play.

It doesn’t get much more summery than this! What kid wouldn’t want to jump into a giant pink flamingo on a hot day?

This cute little pool measures 63” x 47” x 35” and is big enough for 2 kids to splash around in. it’s recommended for use with 3-7 year-olds and you can make it as shallow as you’d like for optimum safety.

The vinyl is durable and easy to inflate with safety non-returning valves. It’s also easy to to deflate and store whenever the season is over.

#9. Intex 58×13 Kiddie Pool

This Sunset Glow pool is like a rainbow in your backyard. Its 12” walls are made of 3 different colored vinyl rings and the floor is inflatable for extra padding.

The pool allows for about 9.5” of water depth and is recommended for ages 3 and up. 

It’s another great starter pool to introduce your little ones to the water early and it’s a fun attraction they won’t soon get tired of!

#10. Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

Intex Sun Shade 5 Foot Square Inflatable Durable 10 Gauge Vinyl Kiddie Pool with Ocean Scene and Canopy for Ages 3 Years and Up, Multicolor
  • Sun Shade inflatable pool is ideal for kids to splash and play in the shade while parents keep a watchful eye and relax; Recommended for ages 3 years and up

The Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool will provide hours of entertainment while protecting your little ones from the harsh rays of the sun. it’s made of durable 10 gauge vinyl and inflates with its own little removable sun shade shelter right on top.

It comes in a couple of different colors and features friendly cartoon characters on its walls. The water depth is only about 9.5 inches so it’s safe for little swimmers as long as they’re supervised properly.

What is a Kiddie Pool?

Kiddie pools are smaller pools made specifically for children, usually younger than 10. These pools provide shallower depths for safely splashing around and getting used to being in the water.

These pools are almost always inflatable or made of a lightweight plastic that can be carried around and easily filled and emptied.

Benefits of Having a Kiddie Pool

Believe it or not, there are several benefits of having a kiddie pool you probably never thought of.

Enhances learning

Using a baby pool is great for a child’s cognitive, motor, sensory, and language skills. To enhance these, you can incorporate some water games into the activity.

For example, for cognitive learning, you can put bubble bath in the water and hide objects under the foam. Or for sensory learning, you can allow them to use bathtub paints on their arms and legs.

Of course, even without games, just immersing themselves in water or jumping under waterfalls still engages different senses and encourages development in different areas. And various body movements improve cognitive functions.

Keeps them safe from germs

Having a kiddie pool in your backyard is a good way to allow your kids to play without the risk of contracting diseases or infections. Aside from exposing your family to COVID-19 at the public pool, there are risks associated with it all the time.

According to the CDC, “diarrhea is the most common recreational water illness.” That’s because people who swim while they’re sick can contaminate the water with germs that may not go away for days.

With a kiddie pool, not only are you keeping your kids away from other’s germs, you can also dump it and add fresh water every day if you want to. 

May reduce the risk of drowning 

The earlier you introduce your kids to the water and start teaching them simple skills, the better their chances of surviving a water emergency.

Experts believe that learning to swim can reduce drowning risk in children ages 1 to 4. Of course, you never want to leave your children unattended intentionally, but you do want to ensure that they have some skills in case they’re needed.

One thing you can do in a kiddie pool is teach them how to float and to kick. But as soon as they’re old enough, enroll them in professional lessons.

Gets them to exercise

Most toddlers don’t really need an excuse to move and jump around, but a kiddie pool can ensure they’re getting their daily dose of exercise. 

Water play for kids can also provide a different form of exercise, keeping it fun and entertaining while making sure they stay healthy.

Keeps them healthy

Speaking of staying healthy, studies show that kids get a multitude of health benefits from being exposed to daylight. Among these benefits are boosted mood, higher concentration levels, disease prevention, and enhanced eye health.

What ages are suitable for a kiddie pool?

Using a kiddie pool, of course, requires a lot of responsibility. But the age one can use it depends on the pool itself and the judgment of the parents.

Most of the time, inflatable pools are made for children at least 3 years old. But plastic wading pools can usually be used by kids of any age, provided they have adequate supervision.

For very young swimmers, most parents opt to sit in the pool with them and hold them on their laps. This is usually the safest way to introduce babies to the water.

For swimmers just a little older, it’s usually safe to sit beside the pool and allow them to splash around while you’re nearby.

5 Considerations When Buying a Kiddie Pool


    Age of the kids using it

As we said before, plastic pools are usually best for children under 3, while 3-7 year-olds might prefer inflatable models that offer a little more depth.

  1. Special features

Kids ages 3 and up might get a little bored with a simple little wading pool, so you might want to consider some special features. These days, you can get pools with waterfalls, sprayers, slides, and games.

  1. Durability

If you want your pool to last a while, pay close attention to what it’s made of. The little plastic waders probably won’t be around more than a season or two, but they’re cheap enough to be disposable.

Inflatable activity centers, on the other hand, cost a little more so you probably want to keep them longer.

The main thing to look at is the thickness of the PVC. Thicker gauges are more puncture resistant and will last a little longer.

  1. Safety

Make sure your kiddie pool has fairly straight walls without little overhangs or loose sides to get trapped under. Also pay attention to the water depth for the particular age of the child or children swimming in it.

  1. Padding

Many pools are made flimsily and aren’t very comfortable on the bottom for splashing around and sitting. Look for one that has either a cushioned pad underneath or an inflatable bottom.

Kiddie Pool Maintenance Tips

Kiddie pools are easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them and let them get dirty. 

  • Replace the water every 2-3 days. These usually hold little enough water that dumping them out and refilling them is not a hard task. This will keep bacteria from growing and allow you to rinse all the dirt and grass out.

  • Use a mild cleaner. It’s a good idea to go ahead and wipe these pools out every time you drain them. You can use a mild detergent and water mix and then rinse thoroughly.

  • Consider using chlorine. If you get a larger kiddie pool that draining and refilling frequently would be too much of a hassle, consider using a tiny bit of chlorine in the water. To do this, you would need to test your chemicals every day to make sure it’s not over chlorinated.

  • Make sure the kids are clean before getting in the pool. Giving them a quick rinse in the tub and wiping their feet before they get in will go a long way toward keeping your water clean.

  • Clean out debris. Don’t allow leaves or debris to stay in the water. This can create an unhealthy environment where bacteria can grow.

Where Should I Place My Kiddie Pool?

If you’ll be dumping the water and cleaning the pool regularly, you don’t have to be as picky about where you place it. For example, if you wanted to put it under a tree for added shade, it would probably be fine.

If you won’t be refilling it regularly, though, you might want to consider placing it in a clean and open spot. That doesn’t mean it won’t catch junk, but at least it won’t be constant.

Also, kiddie pools need to be set up on level ground. This provides a comfortable floor for your kids, but also prolongs the life of the pool by keeping it from tearing or cracking from an uneven foundation.

Kiddie Pool FAQs

How much does a kiddie pool cost?

The prices for kiddie pools range quite a bit. You can get a cheap plastic model at your local Walmart for under $10 most of the time. But the pools with slides, sprayers, and extra features can often cost $50-$125.

How do I inflate a kiddie pool?

Most kiddie pools are small enough to be easily inflated with your mouth. And they’re usually made with non-returning valves so that air doesn’t easily flow out while you’re blowing them up.

For faster inflating, it’s best to use an air pump that can be used on all types of inflatables, such as air mattresses and floaties. 

What can I do with an old kiddie pool?

If you’re ready to throw it out, you can usually recycle them at your local plastics recycling center. But if you would rather repurpose it, there are lots of things you can do.

Some examples include sandboxes, ball pits, gardens, and doggie baths.

How much water is there in a kiddie pool?

The amount of water in a kiddie pool depends on the size, but in general, this ranges from about 120-300 gallons.

How can I warm up a kiddie pool?

Filling the pool in the early morning and allowing the sun to heat it up for a couple of hours is the easiest and safest way to warm up a kiddie pool. 

Other options include adding a couple of buckets of hot water from the house or using solar sun rings.

How do you keep kiddie pool water clean without chemicals?

One of the best things about a kiddie pool is that it’s usually small enough to drain and refill every couple of days. But if that’s not an option, there are some other things you can do.

Just be extra vigilant about the kids cleaning their feet before they get in the water, for one thing. You also might consider keeping it covered when not in use. And for sure, keep out any leaves and debris that can harbor bacteria.

How do you make a kiddie pool fun?

Just splashing around in the water may be fun for a while, but the kids will probably get bored of it fairly quickly if you don’t do something to make it fun.

There are lots of water games you can play with your pool

For something simple, give them some different sized inflatable balls to toss around. Or let them go fishing with different shaped magnets and a homemade fishing pole.


Kiddie pools can help you make the most of your summer with your small children. They’re not just fun; they’re also great for learning and developing young minds and bodies!

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