The 10 Best Pool Slides

best pool slide

If you’re looking for a way to add even more fun to your outdoor pool area, a swimming pool slide may be exactly what you need.

Pool slides come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and materials. The one you choose will depend on several factors. 

First of all, do you have an above ground or inground pool? Also, do you want something inexpensive like an inflatable, or are you looking for something more permanent?

Answering these and a few more questions will help you decide exactly what kind of slide will fit your needs. 

Check out our top ten faves for every pool.

The 10 Best Pool Slides

#1. Intex Kool Splash Water Slide

Intex 58849EP Kool Splash Durable Vinyl Inflatable Play Center Swimming Pool Water Slide with Built in Sprayers for Kids and Adults, Age 6 and Up
  • Inflatable swimming pool water slide to introduce a new, fun way to make a splash in your pool; Suitable for ages 6 and up

The Intex Kool Splash Water Slide is a simple and fun accessory you can add to almost any pool. It can either be set up on the edge of an inground pool or on the deck of an above ground pool. 

This slide is easily inflatable and is made to be attached to a water hose to create sprayers that keep the surface wet. 

It’s designed with 20 gauge vinyl for durability and multiple air chambers for maximum stability.

This product comes in 2 different colors and is built for a maximum weight limit of 176 lbs.

#2. Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center with Slide

Intex 9ft x 6ft x 51in Kids Inflatable Candy Zone Play Center Pool w/Waterslide
  • Transform your backyard into your very own mini waterpark

This play center will make your kids feel like they’re right in the middle of their favorite board game. It’s recommended for ages 2 to 10 and comes with everything they need in order to play fun water games.

The design includes two separate pool areas they can slide back and forth into. And it also has lollipops, ball-rolling rails, candy rings for ball toss, and a water-spraying arch for keeping the slide wet.

#3. Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide

Intex 9ft x 6ft x 51in Kids Inflatable Candy Zone Play Center Pool w/Waterslide
  • Transform your backyard into your very own mini waterpark

This slide is made just as tough as you’d expect from Little Tikes. It’s built to last out of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant materials.

Instead of just being inflatable, this play center comes with its own blower that provides continuous airflow. That means it’s a lot sturdier than flimsy pools that lose their air.

The pool area is large enough for several kiddos to splash around. And the large steps and bounce area lead directly to the slide. It also comes complete with an attached basketball hoop for additional entertainment.

#4. WOW Watersports Slide N Smile

Wow Sports Slide N Smile Slide with 2 Lanes, Giant Floating Water Slide for Adults and Kids
  • Giant Pool Slide: WOW Sports' Giant Smiley Floating Water Slide is a 2 lane water slide with HI-VIS graphics. It’s a giant pool slide that can make a great dock as well.

The WOW Watersports Slide N Smile is a two-lane slide perfect for kids of all ages. You can set it up poolside on your patio or deck and slide in pairs right into the water.

It’s made from heavy-duty PVC vinyl that won’t easily tear or puncture. 

The graphics are bright and colorful, adding a fun look to your backyard. And it can be connected to WOW’s Water Walkway to extend the slide area.

#5. Intex Surf ’N Slide

Intex Surf 'N Slide Inflatable 15 Foot Long Kids Outdoor Backyard Splashing Water Slide with 2 Surf Rider Floats and Built-In Water Sprayers
  • Surf 'N Slide water toy is an ideal 15-foot inflatable water slide for backyards and is designed for all-day fun in the sun for your kids

The Intex Surf ‘N Slide for ages six and up is the perfect toy for outdoor entertainment and exercise. 

Your kids will slide through the shark’s mouth to ride the “wave” on your belly or on one of the included inflatable surfboards. 

The built-in sprayer attaches to a garden hose so your slide stays slippery and cool all day. 

This product has a recommended weight limit of 176 lbs.

#6. Intex Jungle Adventure Center with Slide

Intex 57161EP 96" x 78" x 28" Inflatable Jungle Adventure Play Center Spray Kiddie Pool for Ages 2 and Up
  • GREAT FOR FIRST-TIME SWIMMERS: This Jungle Adventure Play Center pool is the perfect summer oasis for young kids ages 2+ learning to swim

There’s so much to do in this one oversized play center, your kids will never want to leave.

In one corner, there’s a cozy little spa-type pool with water sprayers around the edge. This is where you can climb onto the slide to slide into the main pool area where a hippo and alligator are waiting to greet you from under the water. 

On one side, you’ll find a flamingo whose neck you can toss inflatable rings onto. And on the other side is a wall with embedded plastic balls you can toss around. 

This product is made to hold a maximum of 178 lbs.

#7. Costzon Inflatable Slide and Pool

No products found.

More than a pool, this humongous contraption is a bounce house, climber, and slide for kids 3-10 years old.

The kids will feel like they have their own water park in their backyard and will love inviting their friends over to play. They can climb the mountain-like slide to the castle top, then slide down the curved slide under a stream of fresh, cool water.

They can also just splash around in the shallow pool area while waiting for their turn. 

#8. Costzon Inflatable Bounce House

Costzon Inflatable Water Slide, 16x14FT Kids Mega Waterslides for Outdoor with Dual Slides&Climbing for Racing Fun, Large Splash Pool, Blow up Water Slides for Big Kids and Adults Backyard Party Gifts
  • 【Best Gift to Stimulate Kids' Potential】 Give kids a happy childhood! The 16FTx 14FTx 8FT giant waterslide park comes with a variety of entertainment area consisting of double slides with surfing game, climbing wall, splash pool, water cannon and a basketball rim, children can enjoy fun of various of games at the same time. Let them share endless happiness with friends as they race, climb, run, jump, and slide. The blow up water slide is a great gift for every kids!

Here’s another product from Costzon that’s pretty much a self-contained water park. This one has a bouncer, a slide, a climbing wall, a basketball rim, a water cannon, and a splash pool.

In addition to its many features, it also comes with some pretty handy accessories. In the package, you’ll find a carrying bag, repair patches, an inflatable ball, a hose assembly kit, and 8 stakes for extra stability.

#9. Swimline Super Slide

No products found.

This Swimline Super Slide is easy to set up and safe to use. Its oversized construction makes it safe and stable for all your swimmers up to 150 lbs.

All you do to set up this slide is inflate it, set it on your pool deck or surroundings, and attach it to a garden hose. Its weighted base will keep it on the ground where it’s supposed to be as long as it’s used correctly. And the water sprayer will keep it slippery and cool.

#10. BANZAI Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide

Banzai Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Park with Waterslide, Splash Pool, and Sprinklers
  • Inflatable Waterslide: Make the summer days amazing with the Sidewinder Falls inflatable pool with slide. This water playground is for kids ages 5 to 12 and can support up to 150 lbs. at once.

This HUGE inflatable water slide is everything all the kids and grown-ups in your house need for a fun summer. 

This water slide is over 10 feet tall and includes a climbing wall, a tunnel, and a large splash pool at the base. 

It stays inflated and stable with the included continuous airflow blower and blows up completely in less than 3 minutes.

Benefits of Having a Pool Slide

Aside from just being fun, having a pool slide has at least a couple of benefits you probably never thought of.

Added Exercise

Swimming alone provides a slew of health benefits that are great for people of all ages. It’s great for cardio, resistance training, stress relief, energy, and joint relief. 

And adding a slide to that adds a little extra “oomph” as you climb in and out of the water and use your body weight to perform different movements. 

Increased Property Value

The slides we listed here are all portable and removable. But slides that attach as permanent fixtures on the side of your pool can add a great deal of value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

More Fun

Swimming is fun, but having something to do in addition to just getting in the pool is even more fun. This is how you keep your kids interested in enjoying their summer outdoors.

Types of Pool Slides

Installed Pool Slides

If you go with an installed pool slide, you have a lot of different types to choose from. Straight leg, molded leg, and elephant leg are the three basic kinds you’ll see.

Straight leg slides are straight at the top with a wide curve at the bottom. These are also fairly tall, ranging from about 8 to 10 feet.

Molded slide legs are a little curvier. They typically curve to the right or left at the bottom. 

Elephant leg slides are the most unique ones you’ll see. They come in either G-Force pattern, which is spiral-shaped, or Stream Design that’s a little like the straight leg or molded leg but with a steeper drop-off.

With an installed slide, you can get a lot more height if you’d like because they’re actually installed and more stable. They can also typically hold a lot more weight than inflatable or other portable slides.

Inflatable Pool Slides

Inflatable slides come in a few different varieties as well. You can get self-contained slides that are more like play centers with their own pools. 

You can get inflatable slides that go on the edge of your already-installed pool or your above-ground deck. And you can even get huge slides that will float right on the water for lake or pond play.

Custom Pool Slides

Some companies will build custom slides for your pool using existing structures or building them from scratch. They can be enclosed or open-air, but can usually contain as many twists and curves as you want. 

5 Considerations For Choosing the Perfect Pool Slide

  1. Water Depth

Generally speaking, a pool slide needs to be installed over water that’s at least 36 inches deep. But the height of the slide and steepness of the drop-off will determine whether or not that’s deep enough.

  1. Available Water Supply

Inflatable slides and other small slides usually connect to a garden hose to keep them cool and slippery. But larger slides and most installed slides need a heavier water supply. 

These are usually connected to some sort of water line during installation.

  1. Deck Material

Installed pool slides need solid, sturdy surfaces to connect to. This is especially true if it’s a particularly tall slide.

Most of the time, you’ll need concrete decking, but sometimes wood decking will work if it’s super sturdy and reinforced. It’s important to consult your manufacturer’s recommendations before making these decisions.

  1. Deck Size

A lot of pool slides have a large footprint, meaning they take up a lot of deck space. This is something that needs to be carefully thought out for slides that will be installed.

  1. Difficulty of Installation

Another thing you’ll have to carefully consider before buying a pool slide is how difficult it will be to install it. Will you be able to do it yourself or should you hire a professional?

The answers to these questions will depend on your skill level as well as the type of slide you buy.

Safety Tips for Swimming Pool Slides

  • Observe the weight limit

Every slide has a maximum weight limit it recommends. This is based on trials and testing and should be taken seriously. Not doing so can result in damage to the product and injury.

  • One at a time

Unless the slide is specifically designed for more than one slider side by side, make sure your swimmers are taking turns.

  • Slide feet first

This is an especially serious rule for shallow pools. Sliding into the water head first could cause serious injury.

  • No rough-housing

Rough-housing on or around the slide should be a clear “no-no.” 

How to Install a Pool Slide

Every pool slide is different, but most have fairly basic installation instructions. Inflatable slides, for example, are usually just blown up and positioned on the side of the pool. These usually include sandbags to weigh them down.

Slides that require more permanent assembly are just a little more complicated. You can probably do it without a professional if you have a little skill, but be sure you have a few extra hands to help you out for lifting and positioning.

The first thing you’ll need to do is assemble the slide itself. Your box should come with instructions and everything you need in order to put it together. It will probably include steps, rails, and possibly a platform.

This part is just as important as installation. One missed screw or misaligned section could result in injury or damage to the product.

Next, you’ll carefully measure and mark off the area where the slide will go. Sometimes it’s easiest to go ahead and position the slide itself in place and make marks around the base so you know where to put the hardware.

Once you know where your screws will go, you can drill the holes in the deck. Then, put your slide in place and screw the base legs down.

Most slides have a place to attach a water source so that the slide stays cool and wet while in use. 

This source might be a garden hose or it might be directly from the pool water. Make sure you know which you will need before you even buy the slide.

There’s not a whole lot more to it than that, but just make sure you’ve followed the manufacturer’s instructions to a T to avoid any mishaps.

Here’s a YouTube video for a Rogue2 Pool Slide that will give you an idea of an average installation.

Helpful Tips for Pool Slide Installation

Pool slide installation isn’t terribly difficult, but it does require some time and effort to do it right. There are, however, a few helpful tips that might keep you from pulling your hair out in the process.

  • Use a level during every step of the process to make sure all the pieces are fitting together properly.

  • Don’t try to do it alone. Enlist the help of 2 or 3 buddies with nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon.

  • Lay out all the slide hardware and attachments in a separate area away from the pool. This way it’s easy to make sure nothing’s missing and it’s easy to find when you need it.

Pool Slide FAQs

How much is a slide for a pool?

The price range for pool slides is actually pretty large. You can get a simple inflatable slide for less than $200 or have an elaborate one installed for tens of thousands. 

But in general, a reasonably fair estimate for most pool slides is anywhere from $200 to $2,000.

How deep should pool water be for a slide?

The rule of thumb is that you should never install a slide over water that is less than 36” deep. But for larger or steeper slides, that depth should increase according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

How do you make a water slide slippery?

Almost all pool slides are made with some type of system to keep water flowing onto the slide. This is either done by attaching a water hose or a secondary water source.

In most cases, water is enough to do the trick and it’s not recommended to use any other substance that could cause injury.

But if you have a slide that’s on the ground, like a Slip and Slide, you can experiment with other things like dish soap or baby oil. 

How do I fix a crack in my pool slide?

Most newer pool slides are made to last and rarely crack. But fiberglass slides are a lot more prone to it.

If you do happen to find a crack in your acrylic slide, you can fix it using either an acrylic slide repair kit of some type or a plastic welder and PE plastic. The latter is the best and most permanent solution.

For large cracks in fiberglass slides, you’re probably better off calling a repair company than trying to fix them yourself. But if you have small cracks or fractures, a Gelcoat repair kit will probably do the trick.

Can you use a playground slide for a pool?

There are people who make this work, but it is absolutely NOT recommended. 

For one thing, playground slides aren’t always made to be permanently bolted to other surfaces, so it would require some serious engineering to make that work.

For another thing, these slides are not usually made out of the same materials as pool slides. Some of those materials can wear down from constant exposure to pool chemicals.

Can an adult slide in a pool slide?

Adults can slide on most slides as long as they are under the weight limit requirements.


A pool slide can add a lot of fun and value to your outdoor pool. Just be sure to install it correctly and follow all the instructions for safe use.

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