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What Are The Best Alternative Hot Tub Sanitizers?

Chlorine and bromine are definitely the most common sanitizers people use for hot tubs, but in case you’d like to find an alternative, we’ve got you covered.Let’s get straight to the point, as there are several reasons why you might not want to use chlorine or bromine in your hot tub: search-plus Chemical odor. This […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Hot Tub Chemistry

You definitely don’t need a science degree to keep the water in your hot tub balanced, but hot tub chemistry is the most important thing you can learn in order to keep your water clean and safe for its soakers.I mean, who wants to sit around in a tepid pool of filth and bacteria, right? Aside […]

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23 Must Have Accessories For Your Hot Tub

We all love accessories, especially when they make our stuff cooler than anybody else’s.And it’s no different with your hot tub.  Picture it… Your friends come over for a drink and a soak in the tub after dinner, and bam… You turn on the tunes with your floating bluetooth system and flip on the underwater disco lights.   But […]

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