Cleaning Out Mosquito Larvae In A Pool

Everyone loves a pool, including mosquitos

These annoying creatures are naturally drawn toward still water surfaces, where they breed and lay eggs that later turn into mosquito larvae. 

And if these larvae are not promptly removed, they grow to become the same mosquitos that give you itchy bites and transmit dangerous diseases such as dengue fever. 

So this is a step-by-step guide on how you can clean mosquito larvae in a pool. 

Step 1: Kill Them

There are several ways you can go about this. These include:

  • Chlorine. It has been long used to kill germs in swimming pools and can also be used to get rid of mosquito larvae. However, chlorine’s recommended dosage might not be enough to kill all the larvae in your pool.
  • Mosquito granules bits. These inhibit egg-laying, egg-hatching, and the growth of mosquito larvae by acting as an insect growth hormone inhibitor. A single application can last up to 30 days, ensuring the larvae don’t survive past the pupa stage.
  • Mosquito dunks. These are small non-toxic rings that dissolve in the water and provide bacteria for larvae to feed on. These bacteria are called BTI and they are toxic to mosquito larvae, killing them upon ingestion. Also, dunks don’t affect the water quality of your pool and are completely safe for pets, plants, and humans.

Step 2: Remove The Dead Larvae From The Pool

Now that all those wiggly larvae are dead, it’s time to remove them from your pool. 

To do this, you should first use a skimmer net to manually scoop all the dead larvae and debris floating on the surface. 

Next, use a vacuum cleaner to finish off the cleaning process. You can also install an automatic pool cleaner to save time. By using a manual vacuum head you can get into tight spaces, which is why we recommend using them.  

Lastly, run your filter and let it do the rest of the cleaning. However, make sure you’ve scooped out most of the debris so that your filter doesn’t get clogged up. 

Step 3: Make Sure They Never Come Back 

Cleaning regularly, preventing water stagnation, using a pool cover, and trimming the vegetation around your pool are all good ways to prevent mosquito larvae from developing in the first place. And since prevention is better than cure, it’s important to be aware of these tips.

Clean Your Pool Regularly

Make sure your filter isn’t clogged up and is working fine. You also need to maintain the chlorine at the right level for effective cleaning.

Keep Pool Water Moving

Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water. One way you can keep them away is by installing pumps that vibrate the surface of your pool. 

Use A Pool Cover 

Covering your pool carefully will prevent mosquitoes from breeding and laying eggs on its surface.

Trim The Vegetation Around Your Pool

Dense vegetation near the pool can attract mosquitoes. So make sure you trim any surrounding foliage to prevent mosquitoes from gathering near your pool.

By simply following the steps above you’ll be able to get rid of any mosquitoes larvae your pool may currently be infested with, and help prevent the development of any future problem. Mosquitoes might be commonly associated with spring and summer afternoons around the pool, but with the right preparations, your pool can be mostiquite all season long.

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