How to Winterize a Hot Tub

When winter is on the horizon, it’s important to think ahead so that your hot tub can be in full working order when springtime comes around and you’re eager to pamper yourself in bliss once again. 

For some, winter is a time to use their hot tub, while others prefer to not use their hot tub during the colder months. One way to keep a hot tub maintained during the winter is to keep it running, following a similar maintenance method you’d use during the rest of the year. However, when this isn’t possible—for example, if you’re not going to spend the winter in the same location as your hot tub—you need to winterize your hot tub. In this article, we’ll look at the steps you need to take to ensure you get your hot tub winterized properly. 

Clean Out Your Hot Tub

One of the most important steps you can take to winterize your hot tub is to clean out any debris or dirt from the bottom. Even if you’ve taken steps to ensure the hot tub is well covered, debris such as leaves, twigs, or dirt may have found its way in during the summer months. 

The easiest way to get rid of this is with a skimmer net and a vacuum. Make sure you clean out any dirt or debris that has accumulated in the filter, as well. If this is not done correctly, residue left behind can lead to the accumulation of bacteria or mold. Luxury hot tub accessories are available to assist with keeping hot tubs free of unwanted dirt or debris, but you need to check and clean your hot tub at regular intervals to ensure there are no nasty surprises when winter rolls around. 

Disconnect Electrical Components

Before winterizing your hot tub for extended periods of time, make sure you turn off all electrical components such as heaters and pumps. If possible, disconnect them from their power source completely before storing them away for winter. This will help protect them from potential damage from freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions. 

Drain the Water

Having cleaned the hot tub water, you should have no reason to wonder, “Why is my hot tub water cloudy?” With clean water in the hot tub’s drainage systems, you are ready to start the process of fully draining the water from your hot tub. Ensure this is done thoroughly and the tub is completely dry. 

The next stage is to fully clean the lines–this is best done by blowing them out with a hot tub vacuum cleaner, which can be bought from any specialist hot tub store. By doing this, no water will remain in the pipes to freeze and expand and potentially break the lines.

Cover Your Hot Tub 

A suitable cover should always be used to protect your hot tub, not only throughout the year, but also when it is winterized. If the hot tub is to remain outside, you must find a strong cover capable of protecting it from rain. debris, and the sun’s rays. Make sure it is attached firmly—hot tubs make a great winter home for bugs and unwanted critters!

In Conclusion
How long hot tubs last depends on how well you look after them and if they are winterized correctly, so it’s important to get it right. Take the correct steps to maintain your tub throughout the year, and it can provide you with many years of blissful relaxation.

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