When to Add Chlorine Tablets After Shocking Pool

While it is recommended to shock your pool every one to two weeks, you might find yourself swimming in slimy or green water before then. This is common when the weather is warm or your pool is frequently used, but shocking your pool can be time consuming. How can you reduce the need to shock your pool more than once a week?

Chlorine tablets are a great way to keep your water cleaned between pool shock treatments. While they are not a replacement for shocking your pool, they are an effective way to maintain sanitary swimming water between shocks. 

If you have just shocked your pool, you do not need to add chlorine tablets right away. The general rule of thumb is your chlorine levels should be somewhere between one and three ppm. If your chlorine level drops to the lower end of that range, you can add chlorine tablets.

Some pool owners believe you should just refill your chlorine tablets when you see they are dissolved. We do not recommend this. Relying on your chlorine tablets for a chlorine reading will result in acidic water that is dangerous to swim in, as well as causes other issues for your pool. Remember that tablets prolong the period between pool shocks and maintain sanitary water–they are not a replacement for shocking your pool. 

How to Effectively Use Chlorine Tabs

You have probably discovered that maintaining a clean pool is a balancing act. Many questions come up for experts and beginners alike, so let’s break down the tips and tricks you’ll need when using chlorine tablets.

Where Do I Put Chlorine Tabs?

You should always use a chlorinator or a floater for your chlorine tabs. We recommend chlorinators because they automatically disperse the chlorine into your pool. You can set the rate at which it disperses. Floaters are similar in that they disperse the chlorine, but it is a plastic vessel that holds the tabs and floats in the pool. 

Do not fill your chlorinator or floater with tabs all the way to the top. This will make your water too acidic, which can have health effects on swimmers and damage pool equipment.

Do not put chlorine tabs in your skimmer or pump for the same reason. The tablets will dissolve too quickly and cause your pool water to become too acidic. When highly acidic water goes into the filter, it can compromise the internal parts and cause damage.

How Often Should I Use Chlorine Tabs?

You should not rely on your chlorine tablets for a chlorine reading. Once you know how long you should run your filter after shocking your pool, you can test the chlorine levels for an accurate reading. From there, you can add chlorine tabs to maintain the proper chlorine level.

You should be checking your floater or chlorinator weekly as part of your weekly maintenance. If they are empty, check your water’s chlorine level before adding more tabs.

How Many Chlorine Tabs Should I Use?

Add one three-inch tablet for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. If you use more than that, your water will become too acidic. If you use less, you will need to shock your pool more often.

Maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool is no easy feat–but it does not have to be an ordeal every time! Experts like The Pool Guy can offer you the best tips and tricks to keep your pool the oasis you always envisioned. 
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