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Hi guys! My name is Mike, aka Pool Care Guy.I'm here to help you make sure your pool is clean, healthy, and pristine. Most of all, I'm here to guide you along so you spend more time swimming in your pool than you do cleaning it!

23 Must Have Accessories For Your Hot Tub

We all love accessories, especially when they make our stuff cooler than anybody else’s.And it’s no different with your hot tub.  Picture it… Your friends come over for a drink and a soak in the tub after dinner, and bam… You turn on the tunes with your floating bluetooth system and flip on the underwater disco lights.   But […]

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9 Ways To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Swimming Pool

Ducks are pretty cute swimming around in the local duck pond and waddling around the edge of the water. The kids love ‘em!So, why wouldn’t you want them swimming around cutely in your backyard pool? Two words… Duck. Poop. That’s right.  Just like other birds and animals, they poop where they land, and I don’t know about […]

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Pool Equipment Enclosure Ideas (3 Great Options)

As a pool owner, you probably do everything you can to make your pool area look great.You’ve got the perfect deck or cement surroundings, and maybe you even have your lounge chairs lined up just right. But then there’s the pump and filter. They’re big and unsightly and if they’re installed right by your pool, they totally […]

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