8 Best Pool Fountains

swimming pool fountain

Pool fountains are a fantastic way to improve the aesthetics of both your yard and your pool at the same time. They turn an ordinary swimming pool into an enchanting oasis — one you’ll be proud to show off to your neighbors.

Now, you might have a few questions about pool fountains, including which one to buy. But you know me…I’ve got ya covered!

Listed here are my absolute top picks.

1. Poolmaster Swimming Pool and Spa Waterfall Fountain

Poolmaster 54507 Spa and Swimming Pool Waterfall Fountain, For Pools with 1.5-Inch Threaded Return Fitting, Medium, Multicolor
  • Water feature and décor for most in-ground pools (check fitting size)
  • Fully adjustable water spray height and direction; instructional video on this page shows how to quickly adjust

The Poolmaster Waterfall Fountain works equally well for both inground and above ground pools. It’s made of durable PVC and connects quickly to the existing jets in your pool.

This fountain is a very simple structure that won’t take any space away from your swim area, but it will add a nice spray of water over the top. And it’s completely adjustable so you can change the spray height and direction.

2. Swimline Blossom Triple Tier Floating Fountain

Swimline 8598 Blossom Triple Tier Floating Fountain 8598
  • Cascading 3-tier floating fountain
  • Adjustable spray height from 7 ft. to 16 ft.

This triple tier floating pool fountain is both attractive and easy to set up. It’s simple, yet elegant, and will provide you with everything you’re looking for in a fountain.

The plumbing installation is straightforward, attaching to your pool’s existing pump with just a pair of pliers. The manufacturer states that it can usually be done in under 5 minutes.

The spray height can be adjusted from 7 to 16 feet and cascades beautifully into the water below. The kit comes with the fountain head, base, flexible plumbing kit, and anchor. It’s very easy to install and can be used indoors or out.

3. Magic Pool Fountain

Magic Pool LED Water Powered Swimming Pool Fountain with Color Changing Light Bulb for Swimming Pool Accessories and Pool Decor, Multicolor
  • Pool Jet Fountain Light: Shake up your pool time routine day or night with this stylish above ground and inground pool fountain, paired with multicolor LED pool lights
  • Pool Light Fountain Ambiance: Provides calming water sounds, visual appeal, and a colorful pool light show for an ideal outdoor addition whether you want to chill out or party

The Magic Pool Fountain is one of our favorite light-up fountains for its simplicity of design and ease of installation. It’s made from a durable plastic and installs in seconds.

This fountain comes with a bright multi-colored LED light that lasts for about 2,000 hours with no electricity or batteries. Instead, it is simply powered by the water from your pool’s jets.

It can be used in both inground and above ground pools.

4. Hooli Home Pool Fountain Waterfall

Pool Fountain Swimming Pool Accessories - Waterfalls Cool Warm Pool Water Temperatures, Sprinkler Aerates for Fresh Pool Water, Fits 1.5" Threaded InGround & Above Ground Pool Return Jets
  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE - The most practical swimming pool accessories, this pool fountain puts the FUN in multi-FUNctional. Part aerator, solar night light, and patio decor - all enjoyment for kids and adults. The inlet attachment kit is designed to fit most 1.5 inch THREADED in-ground (& some above ground) return jet fittings. Powered by your existing pool pump; 3/4 horsepower or larger required. Bask in the ambiance as cascading waterfalls work to cool down warm, bath-water-like pool temperatures
  • GLOW IN THE DARK FEATURE - The glow in the dark material in the fountain's spray nozzle is composed of phosphors which give off visible light after being energized. This means it has to soak up light for a while before it will glow in the dark. In order for the glow in the dark feature to function as seen in the images, the spray nozzle would need to be exposed to a very bright light, then brought back out into the dark. Unfortunately, it will not glow just because the day has turned to night

Another simple PVC pool fountain, this one can be installed quickly in your pool’s return jet. But despite its simple design, the phosphorous nozzle glows at night, softly illuminating the water while providing a refreshing waterfall overhead.

This fountain is made to fit most 1.5” threaded return jet fittings, either in above ground or inground pools. And it’s powered by your own pool pump as long as it’s ¾ HP or larger.

It’s important to note that the phosphorus material in the nozzle needs to soak up some rays before glowing. In other words, it works kind of like a solar panel.

5. Ocean Mist Small Floating Fountain

Ocean Mist Small Floating Fountain with 48 RGB LED Lights and 600GPH Submersible Pump for Ponds and Water Gardens
  • Creates a beautiful fountain display in ponds and water gardens.
  • Auto color changing LED lights create a night time water display.

This small floating fountain creates a beautiful display in any body of water. Its 48 LED light ring provides you with an all-white or multi-colored light show to illuminate your water at night.

It’s easy to install by plugging it in and can be placed or moved anywhere in your pool. And the spray height is about 40” with an adjustable diameter.

The kit comes complete with a 600 GPH pump, floating unit, 48 LED lights, and 30’ cords.

6. GG Aqua Select Triple Tier Rock Pool Fountain

This 3-tier fountain is designed to look like a pool rock and the spray is adjustable in height up to 16 feet. It installs in minutes in most above ground or inground pools. However, it’s not recommended for soft-sided pools as the pumps aren’t strong enough to run them.

 The fountain kit comes with a weight and clear hose for easy anchoring and it will fit standard 1.5 inch return fittings.

7. Splash Pools Nepta Blossoming Water Fountain

Nepta Blossoming Water Fountain
  • Floating decorative pool fountain
  • Set for high or low volume; adjustable for water-flow heights from 3-feet to 10-feet

The Nepta Blossoming Water Fountain has two fountain heads that can be set for high or low volume and are adjustable for up to 10 feet of spray height.

It’s a pretty standard floating pool fountain that will provide you with a nice cascading water show and its adapter allows it to fit most pool inlets.

8. Game Underwater Light Show Pool Fountain

GAME Underwater Light Show Pool Fountain, Battery-Powered Color LED Lights, 8 Fountain & Light Modes, Rechargeable Battery, Lasts Up to 3 Hours, Auto Shut-Off, 2.2 Pounds, Blue
  • DURABLE UNDERWATER LIGHT-UP POOL FOUNTAIN: The GAME Underwater Light Show Pool Fountain is a durable and long-lasting device that delivers fun and festive décor for an above- or inground pool.
  • 8 COMBINATIONS OF FOUNTAIN AND LIGHT MODES: This floating in-pool lights set features 8 combinations of lights and fountain modes that are all controlled from an on/off switch on the unit itself.

This one is our number 1 pick for a pool water fountain with a light show. It has 8 fountain and light modes, auto shut-off, and a rechargeable battery.

This little fountain delivers fun and festive water decor for up to 3 hours and can be used in any type of pool, whether inground or above ground.

What we love about it is that while it’s shooting a spray of water about 3.5 feet high, it’s also projecting multiple colors of lights all around it and on the bottom of the pool. And there’s no installation. You simply switch it on and put it in the pool.

Benefits of Installing a Pool Fountain

There are a lot of great benefits to putting in a pool fountain you may never have thought of.

  • Aerates the water. A pool fountain helps circulate the water, which is one of the things that keeps it clean and healthy — meaning less algae and bacteria growth.
  • Provides background noise. For another thing, a pool fountain can provide some nice background noise. Who doesn’t love the sound of running water?
  • Improves the aesthetics. A pool fountain just looks great. No matter what type of fountain you install, it always adds to the appearance of your pool
  • Cools the water. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would you want to cool my water when I spend so much money trying to heat it? Most of the time, this is true, but in hotter climates, some people prefer their water a little bit cooler than the sweltering air outside. A pool fountain can help cool it off by keeping it moving.


As you can see, there are many different types of pool fountains to suit anyone’s preferences. You can get units that attach to your existing jets or pump, while some of them are self-contained, meaning they come with their own water pump system. Or you can get a fountain that runs on batteries and requires no installation.

The difference in these mostly boils down to price, power, and ease of installation. But of course, there are also added features you might want, like light shows and adjustability.

Whichever pool fountain you choose, you’ll be adding to the appearance of your pool while providing some much-needed benefits to your water.

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