Do Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight?

Throughout history, humans have always tried to look for unusual and clever ways to lose weight. Ranging from weird low-calorie diets to avoiding alcohol, we definitely know how to use our efforts in our quest for a jaw-dropping body. This desire is, however, accompanied by a tinge of innovation to find different and novel ways to approach the issue of weight loss. So, do hot tubs help you to lose weight at all? 

Here’s the science: according to a recent report from Loughborough University, a hot soak can have similar advantages to exercise–but is this possible for every type of hot tub? Do I need outdoor hot tub accessories for my outdoor hot tub? How long should I stay in a hot tub in order to enjoy its healing effects? Knowing how to answer these questions will help you to understand every detail and take advantage of every perk hot tubs offer us. 

Whether you own indoor or outdoor hot tubs, this way of losing weight is equally as accessible for both. A warm soak is meant to be a relaxing experience and to provide temporary pain relief, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than filling up the tub with steaming hot water. The best part of this method–you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your house. 

The Truth About Hot Tub Weight Loss

Loughborough University’s study affirms that an hour-long warm bath produces similar benefits to a thirty-minute workout. As scientists explain, this is due to a phenomenon called “passive heating,” in which the rise of body temperature leads to several health improvements. These include a smoother blood circulation, improved sleep, enhanced cardiovascular health, or a reduced risk of heart attack. As lead study author, Steve Faulkner, suggests, it seems that activities that aim at ‘heat shock proteins’ may help to improve blood sugar control and offer an alternative to exercise. These activities, which include taking a sauna or a prolonged stay in warm water, are especially effective for those who are unable to exercise regularly, as they target the same proteins as those triggered by cycling, swimming, or running. 

Heat shock proteins activate when our body temperature rises, or, in other words, when we perform physical exercise. They are our body’s response to stress and, as Faulkner says, raised levels of these proteins may help the function of insulin and improve blood sugar control. This is the reason why those who suffer from diabetes or any other type of metabolic issue might find that hot water soaks can be a solution to the weight loss they have been seeking. Diabetics don’t have enough heat shock proteins, which is a big impediment to regular exercise–so, hot tubs present an effective alternative.

Although an hour-long hot water soak is particularly helpful for losing weight, there are other benefits worth mentioning. Does a hot tub help sore muscles? Does it improve blood circulation? The answer to these questions is: yes! Hot tubs and the massaging motion of water movement from their jets are especially helpful to soothe sore and tense muscles. 

It is no coincidence that high-performing athletes use hot water to speed up their healing process. All in all, what is unquestionable is that, whatever our health conditions, needs, or individual stresses, a relaxing and comforting hot tub soak is pure gold for our bodies.

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