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How To Prime A Pool Pump In 7 Easy Steps

Are you trying to figure how the best way to prime your pool pump?While some newer pumps have self-priming functions, most pumps require priming before turning it on to get the air out of the system and get the water flowing through it.For those types of pumps, there’s a little bit of a trick to […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Raising pH In Your Pool

If you’re a pool owner, keeping your water clean and safe for your family is probably your top priority.  But what most people don’t realize is just how important pH balance is. If your pH dips below normal range, your plumbing may start to erode and your swimmers will start to complain with itchy skin […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Lowering pH In Your Pool

When your pool chemistry levels get out of whack, it can take some time and energy to get them balanced. And your pH levels are certainly no exception. In fact, when pH level is too high, it will throw everything off, including the effectiveness of your chlorine. But there are a few ways you can use to fix […]

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